Monday, July 26, 2010

sick & tired

i'm just sick and tired. kthxbai!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


woke up this morning with a mixed feel of sadness, frustration, crushed and disappointed from yesterday's news.. but having to know that things do happen (or do not happen) for reasons set by the Almighty Allah, i accepted the reality and hoping that someday my prayer will be answered.

but it is a sad day tho'... :(

Friday, July 16, 2010

orang minyak

at 12 o'clock just now, prices for petrol and diesel in Malaysia increased by RM0.05 or 5 cents. the increase is quite OK compared to the previous increase and fluctuation that Malaysians experienced for the past 2-3 years. the Government of Malaysia (GoM) decided to reduce the subsidy and try not to put too much burden on petrol/diesel consumers. i believe GoM is doing the right thing by cutting this subsidy. for a nation to grow, a nation need to be competitive inside out. i'm strongly against on those who condemned this move by GoM. i personally think that this group of people is bunch of cheapskates and lazy bums.

through out my working experiences, i traveled to few countries. from my personal opinion, the price for petrol and diesel is Malaysia is cheap, but not the cheapest. even in the so-called great Singapore is far more expensive. but again, that tiny Singapore has no resources so it does make sense.

"but we are petroleum producer nation, why we are paying more than other petroleum producer nation?"

brotherrrr... if you have something that you can sell for higher price, would you rather sell it and use the money to generate more money or consume it to suit your thirst for free (or relatively cheap) stuffs? i don't have any experience of managing a nation but i believe it still based on the basic concept of doing business. if we don't generate money, how can a company grow? for example, you developed a good product that is marketable but you keep it to yourself, will that be a wise move? let me tell you... IT IS STUPID!

but the issue is not about selling our resources to other nation at other price. it is about some cheapskate Malaysians want to pay so little for something so precious. they are comfortable driving their big cars that consume petrol/diesel like nobody business. they love driving their cars to groceries stores that are 100m away. they love driving their glorious car alone and get stuck in many hours of traffic jam. well, your time is over and it is time to wake up. if you think you can't afford for your car's petrol, then don't drive your car. trade for better fuel consumption cars. trade your comfort with the smell of someone's armpit in a bus. trade your ego by sharing your ride to work. that's the way to get around the situation. you can expect the whole world to evolve around you. you need to evolve yourself around the world.

ok, enough blabber. i broke too many hearts already. time to sign off. ta-ta!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

kerja untuk hidup atau hidup untuk kerja?

whatever it is, make sure you don't forget your root even if it was not a good one. a tree will not grow without its root. a problem will not happen without a root cause. everything related to 'root'. so be wise in life because life is short, too short. 

long story short

it has been a year since i let go all my drop-dead-serious photography stuffs. looking back all the fun that i had with photography when i was in Penang, the urge to get back into photography is mounting. however the same reason why i let it go still remains as of today.

what's the reason?

well, it is for me to know and for you to find out. :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

tutup kedai

oh... belom tutup kedai lagi. just that i have so many other things to do than updating this little blog of mine. will try to update with stuffs (i hope). :D