Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Day I Went Bald!

I shaved all my hair a few months back. It was actually to collect funds for Persatuan SLE Malaysia (PSLEM) that is focused to help SLE (a.k.a. LUPUS) patients and families. From the shaving, we managed to collect a total of RM2700 from the generous Shutter Asia's members. You guys rocks. To read more about the whole shaving story, please visit Shutter Asia.

If you wish to donate to PSLEM, do get in touch with them.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dopod 818 Pro is Prophet

I wanted to sell my Dopod 818 Pro yesterday because I wasn't really use all the features. However, I have changed my mind after I saw these cool videos about upgrading the 'classic' Dopod into the latest and coolest HTC and iPhone interfaces which they called "Prophet". Check out these videos.

Part 1

Part 2

I'm still reading the guides on how to do it. It seems complicated at the moment. I will do it over the weekend when I have more time to read and understand. I'm very excited at the moment and I don't know whether I can sleep tonight. Anyway, if you are interested to know, feel free to visit Prophet Mobile 6 section powered by xda-developers.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Apple Online Store in Malaysia!

This is a few days back news. Apple has finally open its online store for Malaysia's market! This is a good news, my fellow countrymen. I'm not sure how Apple and all its authorized dealers work together, but since their authorized dealers don't give any discounts or whatsoever, saving petrol cost (and parking cost and etc.) by ordering at Apple Online Store is not a bad option after all.

Feel free to visit Apple Online Store - Malaysia!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Morning, Penang!

I rarely shoot landscapes and natures as they are not my forte. However, once in a blue moon I do get up super early in the morning to catch the first light of the day. This is one of the very few moments in my life.

This was taken along Jelutong Expressway, Penang. I did a pseudo-HDR which is generating 3 different exposures from a single RAW file. A real HDR should be done using
exposure bracketing technique (well, at least that is what I think it should be). This HDR was created using Photomatix and with further enhancements using Photoshop. I personally prefer less dramatic HDR. It gives more realism in the photo. Well, I do lack in "Imagination Department".

HDR is currently the new pink in post-processing. Some people even applied HDR to portraits; some were extremely nice, some were extremely awful. However, don't strict yourself like I have limit myself from not pushing the boundaries. Explore and be bold! Creativities have no borders.

If you are not familiar with HDR technique and want to know more, don't hesitate to email me at

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nikon D2X Camera Profile

I've heard about this profile for a while now and haven't give it a try until a few weeks back. I'm very impressed with the D2X Camera Profile. It boosted the color, tone and the clarity of my photos.

The original photo is on the left and the photo that was using D2X Camera Profile Mode 3 is on the right. I didn't do any changes to the RAW except for changing the Camera Profile from ACR4.4 to D2X Mode 3. You can view larger photo here. For more information, please go to Adobe Labs.