Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Namewee? Name Wee Wee?

Watch this video first...

I'm not sure whether this dude got some sort of illness or what, but I seriously think that he should use his God-given brain once in a while. Always f**k that people, f**k this people.  Never say "f**k me-lah".

The TNB dudes clearly explained (even though not in the most VIP kinda way-lah) that it was a breakdown, not shutdown. How the f**k can TNB announce in the newspaper about an unexpected breakdown? So far, if TNB want to do maintenance shutdown, they will announce it. Plus, when there is a breakdown, you think TNB people will be happy ah? They need to go out and rectify the problem no matter what.

Ok, about the phone call. Good customer service is not a thing that you see everyday in Malaysia (this is also a problem). Even when I was in US, some of the customer services were not very kind to me too. What's the big fuss? Should I go and cry like a big baby?

BTW, if you want an almost-breakdown-free electricity, go to TNB, ask for 3-phase electric supply but you have to pay more-lah (yes, yes... Malaysians hate to pay more). Even with 3-phase, there is no 100% guarantee that there will be no disruption. Why? Because there will be always some dudes at home pull some crazy extra power. Not to mention, illegal wiring.

Go tulan here, tulan there will not solve any problems. *sigh*

BTW, you can check-out his blog. There are more interesting non-f**k posts that you can read. Oh, I don't know how to read Chinese but google have some pretty neat features on translating web pages.

p/s: I also tulan with TNB because they DQ-ed my submitted tender. I also want to rap-lah. Errr... which number should I dial to complain ah?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodbye, Cheekoo! :'(

My male sugar glider, Cheekoo died on Oct 23rd 2009. He's been with me & wife since Dec 22nd, 2007. Even though he was very crazy & stubborn, cheekoo also very close to both of us. He has shown great values as the leader of his pack, a father to his joeys and a good friend to me & wife.

On the same event, Miki (Cheekoo's daughter) also died. They managed to find their way out of their cage and tried to glide out of 2-storey house's window. There was no place that they can  glide or hang on to and they fell to the ground. There is more to the story but I rather not tell it here. It is too heartbreaking to tell.

This is a photo of Cheekoo that I took on the very first day that I got him.

Cheekoo & Miki, you will be missed. :'(

Azmi & Sharina

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Introducting RAWREPUBLIC.wordpress.com!

Hey all...

I would like to introduce RAW REPUBLIC; a place where we can share tips, informations and tutorials as our contribution to the community. Visit us at http://rawrepublic.wordpress.com/! See you there! :D