Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodbye, Cheekoo! :'(

My male sugar glider, Cheekoo died on Oct 23rd 2009. He's been with me & wife since Dec 22nd, 2007. Even though he was very crazy & stubborn, cheekoo also very close to both of us. He has shown great values as the leader of his pack, a father to his joeys and a good friend to me & wife.

On the same event, Miki (Cheekoo's daughter) also died. They managed to find their way out of their cage and tried to glide out of 2-storey house's window. There was no place that they can  glide or hang on to and they fell to the ground. There is more to the story but I rather not tell it here. It is too heartbreaking to tell.

This is a photo of Cheekoo that I took on the very first day that I got him.

Cheekoo & Miki, you will be missed. :'(

Azmi & Sharina

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  • Sharina said...

    Cheekoo & Miki,

    We Love You.
    May you Rest In Peace.


    Sharil said...

    RIP to cheeko and miki

    Anonymous said...

    We are so sorry for your loss

    Jack & Joan

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