Friday, October 17, 2008

SA-Penangkia™ Post-processing Sharing Session

A few Penangkia™ turned up for Digital Post-processing Sharing Session tonight. Two sessions were held for beginner & intermediate level. The sessions went out smoothly even though one of the instructor can't make it due to personal reasons.

After the sessions, I "snatched" Justin's new Nikon D90 and captured a few videos using my Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 Ai-S at ISO3200, f/2.8. The video feature is addictive! Haha! This is one the video that I took. Video was edited using iMovie on MacBook that took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Video was compressed from 150MB to 3.5MB. The original full-res video is so much better.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally, after a month+ of discussions, planning & preparations, I would like to present, nutmegstudio; a group of 5 photographers that based in Penang that is able to cater your needs for photography jobs. The uniqueness of nutmegstudio is, we work in a group of 5 individuals that specialized & focused on different areas. nutmegstudio is ready for corporate events, weddings and portraitures. We are very fortunate to have the chance to collaborate with RapidPenang for the annual event in Gurney Plaza a few months back.

Don't wait! Get in touch with us now! Visit

I'm Back In Business... Almost!

For almost a year in 2008, I have stopped taking commissioned photography jobs because of my full-time job's commitments. Now, starting in January 2009, I will start taking commissioned photography jobs again. Yay!

You can view my temporary online portfolio at but most of the photos are just fun snapshots. I'm in the process of selecting & compiling photos for my portfolio. I'm also doing some photoshoot sessions to be added to the portfolio. Stay tuned for a comprehensive portfolio from yours truly!

If you are interested to hire me as the photographer for events (including weddings), do contact me at Alternatively, you can get in touch with me at +60129669345. Hope to hear from you soon!

Why Photographers Charge So Much?

First of all, thanks to ShaolinTiger for sharing the link at Shutter Asia. A very interesting article about why professionals charge so much. You can read the article here.

Me myself as a photography enthusiast who take some part-time jobs once in a blue moon think that it is hard to justify the amount that I want to charge especially when dSLR are becoming dirt cheap and everybody want to have one (at least) because most people think that it is easy money. Most of the cases happened in wedding photography.

From my little experience of doing wedding photography, it isn't easy money especially when you are a one-man-soldier like myself. The post-production works are much more than prior pre-production & production works. Since I'm a full-time web-apps programmer during the day, I can only do the post-production works during night time. I need to spend many countless hours to go through each & every photos that I have personally filtered for post-production works.

So, when you paying a photographer for your wedding, it seems like you are paying for the amount of photos that you are going to get, the albums that you are going to get or the soft-copy of the photos that you are going to get. But really, you are paying for the time & idea. That's why photographers' charges are expensive. Coming out with new & refreshing ideas each & every time is not a walk in the park. Spending countless hours in front of the workstation while your family & friends are having a great social time, it is a sacrifice.

As photographers, you need to work hard if you want to be successful in this field. It isn't easy money. It requires time, money & sacrifices. If you can't give out everything, it is better if you give out nothing.

MacBook & MacBook Pro Re-Everything

Yesterday, I've received a text message on my mobile from a friend who once in a while works in an Apple Store in Seberang Perai, Penang. He told me about the new MacBook & MacBook Pro. I was driving that time and I was not able to check out the news and I thought "Here we go again, Apple is releasing their "new" Mac. So, I wasn't that excited.

When I reached home, I totally forgot about it until when I was about to go to bed. I checked out and "WOW! Apple really releasing their NEW Mac!". Both MacBook & MacBook Pro have totally new designs. You should check out the videos as well even though I do think that guy in the video looks very personally-attached-to-the-Mac when explaining about the new MacBook & MacBook Pro. Haha! But hey, the background music (Coldplay - Viva La Vida) really brings back the mood!