Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Photographers Charge So Much?

First of all, thanks to ShaolinTiger for sharing the link at Shutter Asia. A very interesting article about why professionals charge so much. You can read the article here.

Me myself as a photography enthusiast who take some part-time jobs once in a blue moon think that it is hard to justify the amount that I want to charge especially when dSLR are becoming dirt cheap and everybody want to have one (at least) because most people think that it is easy money. Most of the cases happened in wedding photography.

From my little experience of doing wedding photography, it isn't easy money especially when you are a one-man-soldier like myself. The post-production works are much more than prior pre-production & production works. Since I'm a full-time web-apps programmer during the day, I can only do the post-production works during night time. I need to spend many countless hours to go through each & every photos that I have personally filtered for post-production works.

So, when you paying a photographer for your wedding, it seems like you are paying for the amount of photos that you are going to get, the albums that you are going to get or the soft-copy of the photos that you are going to get. But really, you are paying for the time & idea. That's why photographers' charges are expensive. Coming out with new & refreshing ideas each & every time is not a walk in the park. Spending countless hours in front of the workstation while your family & friends are having a great social time, it is a sacrifice.

As photographers, you need to work hard if you want to be successful in this field. It isn't easy money. It requires time, money & sacrifices. If you can't give out everything, it is better if you give out nothing.

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  • Your Average Mat said...

    Amen on that bro. Tried following a friend to wedding photography.. Its tiring and need a lot of creative juice at the same time.

    Hard work + Time + Ideas + stress + post production time + photography gear + printing cost+ fuel to get to location.

    I quit bro. And I havent even started yet. Hehehe..

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