Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Namewee? Name Wee Wee?

Watch this video first...

I'm not sure whether this dude got some sort of illness or what, but I seriously think that he should use his God-given brain once in a while. Always f**k that people, f**k this people.  Never say "f**k me-lah".

The TNB dudes clearly explained (even though not in the most VIP kinda way-lah) that it was a breakdown, not shutdown. How the f**k can TNB announce in the newspaper about an unexpected breakdown? So far, if TNB want to do maintenance shutdown, they will announce it. Plus, when there is a breakdown, you think TNB people will be happy ah? They need to go out and rectify the problem no matter what.

Ok, about the phone call. Good customer service is not a thing that you see everyday in Malaysia (this is also a problem). Even when I was in US, some of the customer services were not very kind to me too. What's the big fuss? Should I go and cry like a big baby?

BTW, if you want an almost-breakdown-free electricity, go to TNB, ask for 3-phase electric supply but you have to pay more-lah (yes, yes... Malaysians hate to pay more). Even with 3-phase, there is no 100% guarantee that there will be no disruption. Why? Because there will be always some dudes at home pull some crazy extra power. Not to mention, illegal wiring.

Go tulan here, tulan there will not solve any problems. *sigh*

BTW, you can check-out his blog. There are more interesting non-f**k posts that you can read. Oh, I don't know how to read Chinese but google have some pretty neat features on translating web pages.

p/s: I also tulan with TNB because they DQ-ed my submitted tender. I also want to rap-lah. Errr... which number should I dial to complain ah?

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  • Hong CN said...

    haha... bro, I also visited his website and found out he is too emotional on the breakdown. TNB is satu macam, probably their lousy cust service even trigger people anger if the person unable to control emotion.

    Same here... I also tulan TNB but what to do? if only if Malaysia boleh-land able to allow another company to join in the competitive energy market, then I wish to see how TNB able to show lansi banana face to monopolise the market.

    vy said...

    so happened I pass by..
    Namewee is indeed an asshole, not civilized.
    but at the same time, what he said is quite true don't u think so?

    breakdown, then why TNB itself got electric??
    and the breakdown happened few times in a month.. don't you think that is too much?
    and about good customer service thing, definitely other country is doing much better than us. even if the treatment you receive in US is not so kind, but Im pretty sure it just minority of them who are not kind.

    and actually alot of his blog, are very true. tho he used alot of F*** words and stuff... this is just his style

    Azmi Rahman said...

    - i don't think the peeps behind the counter are Customer Service staffs. prolly some technical dudes. it was so late at night. exec staffs must be at home sleeping d.
    - aiya, bro... u oso one kind. everything blame the Boleh-Land. i'm pretty sure no restriction on having new competitor. in fact, in Sarawak no TNB. it is Sarawak Energy (http://www.sarawakenergy.com.my/). no links to TNB. in Sabah yes, linked to TNB. if u look at business point of view, the market is saturated. if want to see competitor, look into renewable energy market. got many competitor other than TNB.

    - if u ask me now, i have no answer to why TNB got electricity and that poor NameWee's house don't have. but i'm pretty sure they are running on different system or electric lines. you must understand the concept of electrical system. i already explained about "three phase electric" system.
    - i myself don't agree about the breakdown that happened one too many. but do take note that there are right channels to file a complaint. u think go there and try to pick a fight can solve the problem?
    - maybe what he said is right. but i must be crazy to follow and listen to someone use emotion over rational.

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