Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nikon D2X Camera Profile

I've heard about this profile for a while now and haven't give it a try until a few weeks back. I'm very impressed with the D2X Camera Profile. It boosted the color, tone and the clarity of my photos.

The original photo is on the left and the photo that was using D2X Camera Profile Mode 3 is on the right. I didn't do any changes to the RAW except for changing the Camera Profile from ACR4.4 to D2X Mode 3. You can view larger photo here. For more information, please go to Adobe Labs.

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  • Caieja said...

    Nape tak leh nak letak komentar ni???

    Caieja said...

    pasal tak leh letak komen ni??

    Anonymous said...

    you take good pix! i m impressed! i especially like ur flickr images. keep up wit the good hobby=)

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