Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Canon Fights Back Hard?

After spending some time going through the specifications of the NEW Canon 5D MKII, I noticed two major things that really bothered me.

1. 3.9 fps continuous shooting
Why 3.9fps? Why not more? Well, some Canon users (I think they are hardcore fan-boys) think that 5D is meant for portraits & landscape shooting; and same goes to 5D MKII. Fair enough but don't you think by paying almost USD3000, you deserves more than 3.9fps? Some said 5D MKII can't have high fps simply because there is this Canon 1D MKIII that able to do that. By putting high fps in 5D MKII, it will kill 1D MKIII's market. Again, looks fair but don't you think by having higher fps on 5D MKII it will make it more versatile? Higher fps in not necessary but it is good to have. I'm not talking about super high fps on 5D MKII, but at least have a decent fps maybe 5fps so that you don't have to buy a unit of 5D MKII to shoot landscape and another unit of 1D MKIII to shoot sports. Well, if you have plenty of moolah, it should not be a problem for you to buy both, right?

2. 6 invisible Assist AF points
This is funny. Why invisible? They should just leave out the 'invisible' part. Imagine this, an average joe bought the 5D MKII, and he can't seem to find the invisible Assist AF points. So, he take to the shop to complain. And the shop's owner said "All the invisible Assist AF points are there. If you can see them, then you can come again because your camera definitely have an issue because YOU CAN SEE THE INVISIBLE ASSIST AF POINTS". It sounds stupid, isn't it.?

Anyway, these are my pre-thought before testing the real unit. What I've said especially on the invisible Assist AF points might be incorrect.

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