Saturday, September 13, 2008

No More PRO Account

Today, my flickr is accout is no longer a pro account. *sad* The free pro account that I got (and also the cool t-shirt, buttons, flickr 24 hours book and etc.) during the flickr 24 hours party at Maison, KL; has expired today. I want to renew it but considering I’m quite busy these days and don’t have much free time to take photos; I give it a hold first. From now on, I will dedicate my time here in my new blog! *happy*

It has been a great year with flickr. I have the chance to meet and get to know great and talented people across the globe. My journey with flickr started with the Klickr, a flickr group that based in KL. Whole loads of talented people are in that group. Some of them have become my dear friends.

I got so many great stories that I want to share about KLickr but I just don’t know where to start. Let’s make the photos do the hard work! *grin* The first meet-up that I went was on June 28th, 2007 that was held at Izzi, KL. The group photo was taken by lovely Han Ghazi. And of course, my favorite photo. *wink*

I wanted to share more photos that I took but I can't seem to access them because they have been archived due to the expiration of my pro account. Anyway, there are a bunch more photos during my very few meet-ups with KLickr which you can view at group pool along with photos from other members. KLickr, thank you!

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  • Hong CN said...

    oh bro, don't give up the pro account~~ I will continue to subscribe it and post my photo. At the same time, my blog will still link with Flickr definitely :-)

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