Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comment Problem

Thanks to my friend, Juha for letting me know about the problem at the comment section. It seems not working. I'm trying to fix it. *smile*

7.55pm: I have fixed the comment section. It seems like the template mess it up. Will have to go through the codes to pin-point the bug.

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  • John said...


    John said...

    hoi .... go get anti spam .. or u gonna go through plenty of spam if u set to moderate all comments

    *Author said...

    it's called taking baby steps in the blog world :P

    capix said... template...nice and simple...keep on posting bro.. will view time to time...

    ibah said...

    i die laughing looking at ur blog!

    what a resemblance! LOL! are you really doing what i think you're doing just cant seem to find any other template? hahah

    on a more serious note, i'll link you in my blog :P

    my bad! i used a different blogname....sorry :P -ibah

    *Author said...

    must be a temporary template... the earlier one was very very nice :D

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